I Love Uber

Uber is the best way to get around Sarasota, Florida. You will save yourself a tremendous amount of money by using this convenient form of transportation. One of the many features of using a Uber vehicle is that you can have the vehicle waiting for you at a specific location and at a specific time. You will also be able to see exactly where the Uber driver is on their friendly app.

The other advantage is that the payment is cashless. You do all of the money transactions online which means that you do not have to carry cash with you to experience the advantages of a Uber ride. This also is great because a driver’s tip can also paid online in advance.

More and more people are using this form of transportation because it is also a lot cheaper than hiring your typical taxi driver. For example, a trip from Irving Street in Sarasota Florida to Floyd Street will cost you anywhere between $5 and $14. You can choose either Uber X for between $5 and $7, Uber XL for between $8 and $11, or Uber Select for between $11 and $14.

Either way, choosing a Uber ride is your best alternative by far.

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